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Why Choose Design | Build?

Design | Build is a project delivery system used in the construction industry. It is a method to deliver a project in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity known as the design | building or design | build contractor. Design | build relies on a single point contact and is used to minimize risks for the project owner in order to reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project.


We take your project from paper right through to moving in.


We design to not only suit architectural needs but also energy, cost, and space efficiency.


We give you more building for your budget.

End to End Control

As a true design builder we start at the paper stage working with our clients to provide them with a building that is truly suited and designed for their needs. We aspire to be the best in energy efficiency, flow, and design. We provide custom tailored architectural designs, for any projects of any size.  At SBD, we are committed to working directly with our clients, keeping them informed and educated regarding how certain options will impact the project. We firmly believe that we owe it to our clients to provide them with as much information and choices about all aspects of the construction process. 


Another benefit of working with SBD, is that through our long standing relationships in the industry, not only will you get quality, but also best prices. We believe that most clients may be new to the building process of a project, therefore we work hard to help everyone make confident informed decisions about how and why they are spending their money. 

SuperForm ICF Materials

Superior Buildings & Design now offers the installation of ICF and can provide building designs for clients that want concrete walls for their building project. Secure, resilient, cost-effective, easy to use and environmentally sustainable. SuperForm has a wide variety of block configurations and products to meet any building requirement: residential, commercial, agricultural or industrial. 


ICF incorporates concrete, steel reinforcement, insulation, air barrier, vapor barrier and attachment points into one easy step, saving significant time and resources. From the foundation to the eaves, ICF supports all custom designs and allows for the application of any exterior finish you choose. Unmatched strength means projects built with SuperForm ICF protect from extreme weather events and offer best-in-class protection from uncommon natural disasters.Three-hour fire rating makes it your choice for a fire-resistant 2 layers of continuous 2.5” EPS panels results in zero thermal bridging, making your build the highest energy efficient option on the market.


Up to 60% energy saving compared to traditional construction. Using ICF results in less jobsite waste, lower maintenance, and an overall lower environmental impact lasting for generations to come.

Design | Build



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Edmonton Building Design Services

One key to the success of Superior Buildings & Design is our design team’s technical expertise. Working in an integrated environment, our in-house engineering, design, and technical staff have the level of expertise necessary to provide accurate and timely design services.

In-House Design

With a team of in-house engineers, architects and project managers, we work with our clients to design and plan the entire project. With over three decades of experience, we offer valuable insight into designing steel structures that meet capacity needs, structural requirements and overall project timelines. We design small and large scale buildings to meet client requirements like manufacturing facilities, commercial storage center, and so much more. Please check out our projects for more details.

Flexible Application

Pairing our industry leading quality with our experienced design team offers a complete custom option for companies looking for structures unique to their requirements. Our project design team will discover and design a custom structure that meets space and functionality requirements. We design buildings in Edmonton and throughout Alberta unique to your specific needs.

Traditional Lump Sum Tendering Construction Services

This is when a project owner or architect, acting as the representative of an owner, approaches Superior Buildings & Design with a complete set of construction documents. SBD works to compile and submit a firm price for the work shown in the documents. Once the price has been submitted and accepted, a schedule is agreed upon, and a traditional construction contract is drafted. This contract is entered into between the owner and SBD. It states the final price, completion date and contract conditions. Once the contract is signed, construction begins.

General Contracting

Our hands-on approach has provided clients with enhanced quality control and project delivery. Members of our construction team include project managers, skilled labourers, apprentices, licensed journeyman, safety coordinators and construction managers. Eliminating risk means knowing where to go to find the right people and materials, and how best to organize and manage work through the use of contemporary construction technologies.