Cost Control

Delivery Method

The delivery method you choose for your construction project is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, especially when it comes to cost control. To choose the best method, you need to understand all of your options. Owner must also have a solid understanding of the implications of each decision, because the delivery method dictates when parties become involved; it affects the types of contractual relationships; and it shapes ownership and control over changes and modifications to project costs. 

When selecting a delivery method for your project, be sure to take into account the various needs of all involved parties. Things like budget, performance timeline and execution, quality control measures, risk assessments–these are all important factors that will contribute to choosing the best delivery method for your specific project.  When it comes to cost control and coming in on budget, both the statistics and our experience show design build is the best delivery method for your next project.


Key Considerations for Cost Control with Design Build

    • Cost efficiencies can be achieved since the contractor and designer are working together throughout the entire process:

    • Fewer changes, fewer claims and less litigation.

    • Earlier knowledge of firm costs.

    • Change orders typically limited to owner changes.

    • Design Build can deliver a project more quickly than conventional Design-Bid-Build  or Construction Management at Risk.

    • Owner can, and should, specify performance requirements in lieu of prescriptive specifications.

    • Ability to enhance project coordination.

    • Ability to reduce project claims.

    • Design Build team qualifications are essential for project success; owner must be willing to place a heavy emphasis on the qualifications portion of the selection process.

    • The owner must be willing to allow the Design Build team to handle the design details.

    • The owner’s entire team must make the “mental shift” to a different way to deliver their project.

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Link to project with cost-control focused writeup 2

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