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Metal and steel have quickly become the material of choice for builders in Edmonton when constructing residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural structures.

The popularity of metal buildings and steel buildings in Edmonton comes as no surprise. With our extreme weather variances, they are unsurpassed as the safest, most environmentally friendly and functional materials available today.

3 Common Misconceptions about Metal & Steel Buildings While metal and steel are embraced by Edmonton builders, there are still some general misconceptions out there. Common myths about metal and steel buildings are that they are:

  1. Too expensive.

  2. Unsightly.

  3. Hot or too cold.

There are many similarities between them, but metal and steel buildings do have some differences. We’ll explore those below, while debunking the myths above.

What are the benefits of metal buildings in Edmonton? Quick Construction. With the use of pre-applied finishes, panels and building envelopes, construction processes are quickly streamlined and can be erected even in poor weather conditions.

Curb Appeal. Owners can choose a wide range of colours, textured finishes and decorative accents for a truly unique design. With the myriad of structural options available, owners and designers have the freedom to be as creative as they want to construct buildings with unique curb appeal.

Energy-efficient. Insulated wall and roof panels make metal structures among the most energy-efficient buildings available. Insulated metal panels (IMPs) offer insulation R-values as high as R-42. That translates into significant lifelong energy savings for building owners.

Enduring Value. One of the greatest benefits of metal buildings is that they withstand the test of time. Since metal structures are mold, mildew, and moisture resistant, the structure doesn’t deteriorate.

What are the benefits of steel buildings in Edmonton? Safety. Steel is the one of the strongest, most durable building materials available. It is non-combustible and insolvable, so mildew and mould won’t grow on the structure. Steel buildings are resistant to earthquakes and protect occupants from hurricanes, wind, torrential rain and tornadoes.

Cost-effective. Steel costs less to obtain and cast, so it’s significantly more economical than brick, wood or cement building structures. Annual maintenance costs are negligible since steel is not prone to damage by insects, termites or rodents.

Quick Construction. Available in prefabricated forms, steel building parts are sent directly to the construction site and assembled faster than any other building material.

Finding Metal & Steel Building Contractors in Edmonton As part of the Alberta Metal Building Association (AMBA), and as an authorized dealer of Ironwood Building Systems, Superior Building and Design is committed to constructing safe, reliable and eco-friendly metal buildings and steel buildings in Edmonton. To see how we can help make your dream building a reality, check out our metal and steel buildings service page online, or contact us today.

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