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Superior Building & Designs is a COR-certified (Certificate of Recognition) company. We believe that safety is an attitude, a frame of mind, an awareness of what is happening all day, every day. We train employees to be safety leaders, going beyond basic skill compliance to being able to assist those around them to be safer. We have elevated our safety performance well above industry average, and we will continue to improve in the interests of a safe and enjoyable workplace.

Effective safety is a commitment at all levels to ensuring our team and our environment is best suited to be safe. This requires regular and proactive safety training for our teams and an ever-present awareness of hazards.

There's no doubt a culture of safety earns benefits, reducing downtime and compensation costs. In addition, attention to safety minimizes pain and suffering for the people working with us, and for their families. That, in the end, is what matters most.

Work Safe, Home Safe. It’s worth the effort.

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